Why schedule a private session?

Beginners: Most people who come to their first group class say they've done online videos before coming. Private sessions are a great opportunity to examine some of the finer points of the practice before diving into a group class. This is also a great way to gain confidence and the tools to develop a deep practice. 

Deepening your personal practice: Although yoga is often enjoyed in a community setting, there is something special about having a home practice that is completely yours. For those who are already pretty familiar yoga, a private session can be a great time to work on a specific pose you've been struggling with or even work on a building a sequence that you can flow through at home. 

Couples and families: Who better to embark on the ancient and nourishing path of yoga with than those you love? Private (more like semi-private) sessions are fantastic way to start or deepen this journey together.

Sound right for you? Let's get started!