Are you a company that employees humans? Do those humans ever get stressed? Do those humans ever get sick? Do you ever just want to let those humans know that they are appreciated? Well, if you answered yes to these questions I've got you covered. As you can imagine, adding a corporate wellness program of any kind will have a wealth of benefits to your company. As an employee and manager of an orthodontic office for years, I am very aware of the struggles workplaces commonly hold. Physical comfort and mental well being often get set to the back burner. While naturally customer service, deadlines, busy days and interpersonal work relationships are obvious choices for our focus. 

I have been a witness to this for years, and now am ready to be part of the solution. I have developed a program for encouraging physical and mental flexibility while weaving in advice for leading a more relaxed and productive life. We will explore the practices of yoga and mediation through the lens of work/life balance and personal awareness. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in learning more about please fill out this form and I'll get in contact with you right away about setting up a time to talk about how to make this a reality in your work week. 

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Where would you like for these classes take place? *Address*